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Number one free listing Kerala real estate web portal for buying and selling house, plots,estates, resorts, commercial building & lands, flats, low cost properties, immediate sale and manufactures of Flyline:- Solar inverter, Solar-streetlight, solar panel. Solarcharge-controller, Solaroff-grid-powerplant, Solar-batteryless-ups, Inverter, Off-lineups, On-lineups, Tubular-batteries, 110vstep-down, MG:- Solar-waterheater, Voltage. Servo-stabilizer, Deep Freezers, Mobile-mortuaries, Murickens Group is fast growing concern and is driven by the quest for excellence and customer satisfaction.

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Solar inverter and panel

Murickens Group is the first manufacturer and dealer of Solar Inverters in Kerala with ISO Certification and as you know sun is the Master Power of Energy. It's a fact that all life depends upon and comes from the sun as production of oxygen and food would be impossible without solar energy.

Inverter and Battery

For invertors two types of batteries are commonly used. One type is lead acid battery and the other is concealed battery. Both are tubular type but lead acid batteries are more suitable long life applications. Murickens has developed two types of lead acid batteries.

Mobile Mortuary

Murickens' Group " The first kerala based mobile mortuary manufacturer." after several days of research developed a dead body freezer having all modern facilities and International technology to Preserve Bodies for number of days at home till the arrival of relatives and well-wishers.